Jan 25th 2023



When it's time to #MAKEITLOUD™, we all know that Red Apple® is the way to go! But we also want you to know there are many ways to increase your booming like becoming a Pyrocoin™ member! We know, we know... you already know about these amazeballs rewards, but did you know there are many (MANY) ways to earn Pyrocoin™? Once you strart earning coin, you can use them to redeem discounts on your next purchase, free swag & more! "Well then, how many ways?” you must be asking yourself?

¡WOW! ¡Nos alegramos mucho de que hayas preguntado! Tienes muchas formas de ganar Pyrocoin™, como dejar comentarios en nuestra página web, interactuar con nosotros en las redes sociales, celebrar tu cumpleaños con nosotros y mucho más. Te apetece dejarnos un comentario o darnos una vida? ¡Pyrocoin™! ¿Quieres compartir un vídeo? ¡Pyrocoin™! Qué tal subir fotos de productos o reseñas? PYROCOIN™, PYROCOIN™... ¡PYROCOIN™!

En serio #Pyrosquad™, ¡puedes ganarlos de tantas maneras que es casi una locura! ¡Y todo lo que ganes puede ser utilizado para fuegos artificiales, botín y mucho más! Lo mejor es que ganar Pyrocoin™ es sencillo, ¡así que no hay razón para que no empieces a embolsarte todos los Pyrocoin™ extra que puedas ahora! (Sí, nos damos cuenta de que si mencionamos Pyrocoin™ una vez más, un Hada del Boom obtiene sus alas).

Here's how easy earning Pyrocoin™ can be:

  • Spend $1 (before tax): 1 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Sign up for an Account: 1,000 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Subscribe to our newsletter: 250 Pyrocoin™
  • Celebrate your birthday: 500 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: 200 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Leave a product review on our site: 250 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Upload a product photo to a review: 250 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Upload a product video to a review: 500 Pyrocoin™

You can also GET PAID too!

  • Every PyroCoin™ account comes with it's own unique referral code. When you share that code with your friends and they place an order, you'll get hooked up with $50! PLUS! They'll get $50 too!
  • A referred order of $999+ pre-tax will get you hooked up with your reward
  • Referral rewards will show in your PyroCoin™ account once the order is processed & shipped out

If you did all of those things listed above, you'd have like... so many Pyrocoin™ RIGHT NOW! That's some serious boom for your bucks! So don't wait any longer, get going and get to earning!

¡Nos vemos pronto #PyroSquad™!